How can I manage what news I see on Facebook?

What you see in News Feed is influenced by your connections and activity on Facebook. You choose who to be friends with, which Pages to follow and what groups to join, and we help organize all the possible posts you could see.
We want to show you the news stories that are most meaningful to you, but sometimes we might get it wrong. We're making changes to prioritize local and trusted news sources so you see more high-quality news in News Feed. Here are some ways you can manage what news you see on Facebook.
To see more news from sources that matter to you:
To see less news from certain sources:
Get more information about articles
  • Show more information about this articleShow more information about this link can be found next to articles shared on Facebook. You may see information pulled from Wikipedia, trending or related articles about the topic or information about where the article is being shared on Facebook.
  • Verified Pages and profiles mean that Facebook confirmed that it is the authentic Page or profile for a public figure, media company or brand.
Help fight the spread of false news, clickbait and spam
We're against false news. We're working to remove fake accounts and reduce the number of posts you see sharing false news, clickbait and spam. In some countries, we're also working with third-party fact checkers to identify false news to review and rate the accuracy of news articles. Learn how to spot false news.
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