Why do apps need access to my Facebook information?

Some apps may ask you for information before you can use them. This information may be used to do things like:
  • Make it easier to create an account so you can use the app right away.
  • Help you find friends that also use the app or game.
  • Make the app more interesting or relevant to you.
  • Make it easier to share things with people on Facebook.

What information can apps see on Facebook?
Keep in mind when you sign in with Facebook on an app, you give it permission to access:
  • Your name, username and user ID (account number).
  • Your profile pictures.
  • Networks you have connected to.
  • Any other information you make public on your Facebook profile.
You can choose to give the app other information to personalize your experience, including your friends list, gender, age range and locale. An app may ask for more information later if you’re using a feature of the app that requires it.

How do I edit what information apps can see on Facebook?
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