Manage roles for your Facebook Page

Pages that you manage may be in the classic Pages experience or the new Pages experience. The new Pages experience is not available for all Pages yet.
New Pages experience
If you have Facebook access with full control of a Page in the new Pages experience, you can manage people's Facebook access or task access to the Page. You can add, edit or remove someone's Page access at any time. Learn more about access in the new Pages experience.
You can't give Page access to a grey account. If you'd like to give Page access to someone with a grey account, they should access the Page through their personal Facebook account or create a new account. Then, you can give the new account access to your Page.
Bear in mind that: You need to switch into your Page to manage Page access.
Classic Pages
You'll need to be an admin to manage roles for your Page. There's no limit to the number of people who can have a role on a Page. Learn how to see what your role is and what each Page role can do.
In some cases, grey accounts can't become admins of Pages. If you have a grey account and want to become a Page admin, you can create a new account.
Note: If you're a new admin, bear in mind that you may need to wait seven days before you can remove or demote another admin.
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