What's the difference between pausing and deleting a Facebook group?

If you're an admin of a group, you can pause your group if you need a break from maintaining it. If you want to permanently remove your group from Facebook, you can delete it.
The table below outlines the differences between pausing and deleting a Facebook group:
If a group is paused...If a group is deleted...
Will the group appear in search?YesNo
Is this action reversible?YesNo
Can any group admin perform this action?YesNo. Only the group's creator (who is also an admin) can delete the group. If the creator admin is no longer a group member, any admin of the group can delete it.
Can new members join the group? No, but admins can approve members who requested to join before the pause. No
Can admins or group members post, comment or add photos and videos? No, but admins can manage posts written before the pause. No
Can admins remove posts, comments, photos and videos? Yes No
Can admins remove and ban people from the group? Yes No
Can admins edit group details including description or photo? No, except they can change the group cover photo. No
Can group members or admins access their information? Yes No
Learn how to pause or delete a group. Archiving a group is no longer available.
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