I'm having trouble creating a Facebook account with my email.

We're sorry you're having trouble creating your account.
  1. If you see a message that there's an existing Facebook account associated with your email:
    • If you already have a Facebook account with this email but forgot your password, you can request a new password.
    • If you share this email with someone who has a Facebook account, you'll need a different email to create your account. You can create an email account for free with websites like Yahoo! and Gmail.
    • If you think you're seeing this message by mistake, let us know.
  2. If you see a message that your email is invalid, make sure you entered your email correctly.
  3. If you see an error when you click the link from the confirmation email:
Note: It's against the Facebook Community Standards to maintain more than one personal account. If you try to sign up for a new Facebook account with the same, or similar, email and password as an account you’ve already created, you will be logged into your existing account.