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This feature may be unavailable in Japan and for countries located in Europe.
To buy something on Marketplace, you can send a message to the seller to arrange a sale:
  1. From your Feed, click Marketplace in the left menu.
  2. Click an item you want to buy.
  3. You can message the seller in 2 ways:
    1. Click Message to send a custom message to the seller.
    2. Click Send to send a message that says "Is this available?"
To see items you want to buy and your conversations with sellers, click Your account, then click Your listings. You can also find Marketplace's Buying section here.
We suggest following the guidance from your local health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) for how to stay healthy and help prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) while buying and selling items. Be sure to check and follow local laws and directives that may be in place during this time.
If you're meeting someone in person, we recommend arranging your meeting in a public, well-lit area or a police station. Let others know where you're headed. Read our tips for buying and selling responsibly on Marketplace and meeting someone from Marketplace in person.
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