How can I navigate News Feed using a screenreader on Facebook?

News Feed Heading Structure
Your News Feed has headings that you can navigate with screen readers:
  • Home is an h1 heading.
  • News Feed is an h2 heading and marks the beginning of your News Feed stories.
  • Friend requests, messages and notifications are h3 headings that appear when you click one of the icons.
  • The chat sidebar is an h4 heading, as are the subheadings for favorites, groups, friends, apps and other popular features.
  • Individual stories in News Feed have h5 headings.
  • Ads have h6 headings.
News Feed ARIA Landmarks
ARIA document landmarks are used to represent the major parts of News Feed. Besides the main, banner, search and content info landmarks, other navigational landmarks have appropriate labels. For example, the bookmarks menu in the left column is marked as a navigational landmark with an appropriate heading.
You can change your account settings, privacy settings and visit the Help Center from menu options in the banner landmark region.
Check your messages, friend requests and notifications by using the buttons in the banner landmark region on any page.
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