Troubleshoot login with two-factor authentication on Facebook

If you can’t receive your two-factor authentication codes by phone or authentication app, there are still things you can do.
Tips for logging in:
  • SMS codes can sometimes take time to arrive. Check your phone again in a while.
  • If you are logged in from another browser or device, check your notifications. You may be able to approve this login from there.
  • If you already had Recovery Codes saved or printed, you can use them to approve this login.
Once you’ve logged in, you can:
Still unable to login?
If you're unable to login after trying these tips, you'll need to confirm your identity to login.
  1. Attempt to login and continue until you need to enter your two-factor authentication code.
  2. Click Need another way to authenticate?
  3. Click Other Options, then click Get more help.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
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