How do I pin items to a Facebook group’s Featured section?

Admins or moderators can pin group posts, rules and features for display in the Featured section at the top of the group. In public groups, anyone on or off Facebook can see the pinned items. In private groups, only group members can see them.
As you pin items, the newest item appears at the front of the list, but you can change the order of any item. Pinned items remain visible until you remove them.
Pin a post
  1. Click more to the right of the post you'd like to pin.
  2. Select Pin to Featured.
Pin the group rules
  1. Click Add next to Featured at the top of your group.
  2. Click next to Rules.
Pin a group feature
  1. Click Group settings in the left menu.
  2. Scroll down to Added to group and click edit next to the feature you want to pin.
  3. Toggle Pin to the Featured section. Note that this option is only available for some features.
Remove an item
  1. Click more to the right of the item.
  2. Select Unpin.
Move an item
  1. Click more to the right of the item.
  2. To move it to the front: Select Move to front.
  3. To move it left or right: Select Move, then click to move it left or to move it right, then click Done.
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