How can I go live as my Page and broadcast to a group?

When going live as a page, you can limit who can see it to a specific group.
Keep in mind, before you can go live as a page in the group you must link the page to the group. You must be an admin for both the page and the group.
To go live with your linked page in the group:
  1. From your Feed, in the left column, click See More, then click Groups.
  2. In the Groups You Manage section, click the group you want to go live in.
  3. Next to Invite in the top right, click on to change how you’re interacting with the group. Click on your Page.
  4. Scroll down and click on What’s on your mind? then click more.
  5. Click Camera and eye icons Live Video.
  6. Below Go Live click Select. You can also learn more about scheduling live video events on Facebook.
  7. Select a video source. You can use a webcam or streaming software.
  8. Click What's your live video about? then give your live video a title and a description. Click Save.
  9. Click Go Live in the bottom left.
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