How do I see my upcoming events and invitations on Facebook?

You must be on Facebook on a computer to see your Facebook friends' upcoming birthdays.
To view your upcoming events and invitations on a computer:
  1. From your Feed, click Events in the left menu. You may have to click See More first.
  2. In the left menu, click Your Events.
You can see your events in sections organized by type. If you only want to see one type of event, you can click it in the left menu.
The event types are:
  • Going: Events you're going to.
  • Invites: Event invitations you haven't responded to yet.
  • Interested: Events you've marked as interested.
  • Hosting: Events that you're hosting.
  • Past Events: Events that you've attended or hosted in the past.
  • Birthdays: Your Facebook friend's upcoming birthdays.
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