How do I set up Facebook texts?

You can set up Facebook texts from your settings:
  1. Click account in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  3. Click Mobile in the left menu.
  4. If you haven't added your mobile phone number to your account, click Add a Phone and follow the steps. If you've already added a mobile phone number to your account, click Activate Text Messaging.
Once you set up Facebook texts, you can receive texts (SMS) from Facebook and update Facebook by sending a text.
Shared Phones
If you share a mobile phone number with another person, you can choose to receive Facebook texts (SMS) for one or both of the accounts. To stop receiving texts (SMS) for one of the accounts, reply STOP to the text message (SMS) sent to that person. You can reply ON to turn messaging back on for that account.
To stop receiving text messages (SMS) for all accounts on a mobile phone number, reply STOP to one of the codes listed below.
Note: Facebook doesn't charge you for using Facebook texts. However, your mobile provider's standard rates for sending and receiving text messages (SMS) still apply.
Shortcodes by country:
Sprint: 32665 (FBOOK)
T-Mobile: 32665
AT&T: 32665 (FBOOK)
MetroPCS: FBOOK (32665)
U.S. Cellular: FBOOK (32665)
Verizon: 32665 (FBOOK)
Cellcom: 32665
Pioneer Cellular: FBOOK (32665)
Bluegrass Cellular: FBOOK (32665)
Illinois Valley Cellular: 32670
Viaero Wireless: FBOOK (32665)
GCI: FBOOK (32665)
STRATA Networks: 32665
Appalachian Wireless: 32668
NorthwestCell / Chat Mobility: FBOOK (32665)
Golden State cellular: 32672
Carolina West: 32665
Thumb cellular: 32671
Google Voice: 32665
Nex-Tech Wireless: 32673
West Central Wireless : FBOOK (32665)
Nemont: FBOOK (32665)
Pine Belt Wireless: FBOOK (32665)
Union Wireless: 32665
Cablevision: 32665
Cross Wireless: 32665 (FBOOK)
test TATA SS7 SMSC: 32665
PTI Pacifica dba IT&E: 32665
Inland Cellular: 32667
C Spire Wireless: 32665
Altice USA : FBOOK (32665)
NewCore Wireless: 32665
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