I'm having an issue with something I purchased on Facebook Marketplace.

If you have an issue with an order on Facebook Marketplace, please contact the seller for help. If the seller doesn't reply or resolve your issue within 2 business days, you can contact Facebook support.
Contact the seller if you experience any of these issues:
  • Your order hasn't been shipped: If the seller hasn't shipped your order within a few days of your purchase, we recommend contacting them to check on the order status.
  • Your order didn't arrive: We recommend waiting 2 days after the estimated delivery date in your order history. On the third business day, contact the seller.
  • The item is damaged or unusable: Contact the seller to ask if they'd like you to return the damaged or unusable (example: locked phone) item. If the seller wants you to send the order back, you'll need to coordinate with them on who will cover the return shipping costs.
  • The item doesn't match the description: If the item you received is different from the description on the product page, please contact the seller to try resolving the issue.
If you're not able to resolve the issue directly with the seller and purchased the item using checkout on Marketplace, please contact our team.
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