I can't add or pay with a new credit card with Meta Pay

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Are you seeing an error message when adding a new card?
If you're having trouble adding a new credit card to your account, please make sure that the credit card number, expiration date, CSV number and other payment information are correct.
If you receive an error that says you have too many cards on file or if you're still having trouble, please contact us.
Keep in mind, if you want to add a new payment method for Advertising, you'll need to add it in Ads Manager.
Are you seeing an error message when paying with a new card?
If you’re having trouble paying with a new card on your account, it is possible that:
  • The card was declined by the card issuer.
  • The card does not have enough funds.
  • The card is expired.
Please contact your bank or institution that issued the card for more information or add another payment method.
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