Payouts and payment info for personal fundraisers on Facebook

Personal fundraisers on Facebook are ending soon. Learn more.
If you created a fundraiser, then you must set up payouts to your bank account to receive the funds you've raised. If you don't link your account within 90, then all donations will be refunded.
Only bank accounts in eligible countries or regions can be used to receive payouts from fundraisers.
Setup payouts
To set up payouts for a fundraiser, you have to create the fundraiser first. Learn how to create a fundraiser.
Note: You'll need the account and routing numbers for your bank account. The bank account you add must be in your name.
  1. On your computer, login to Facebook.
  2. On the left, click fundraiser heart coin Fundraisers.
  3. On the left, under "Your fundraisers," click See All.
  4. Select the fundraiser you want to set up payouts for.
  5. At the top right of the fundraiser, click More.
  6. Click Set up payments.
  7. Enter your payment info and click Save.
Update payment info
  1. On your computer, login to Facebook.
  2. Click Meta Pay on the left.
  3. Click the account you want to change on the right, under "Payment methods."
  4. Enter your new account details.
  5. Click Save.
Payout timelines and authorized accounts
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