How Facebook uses the email or phone number you added for login alerts

When you add a new email or mobile phone number for login alerts, we’ll use it to help you log into Facebook and keep your account safe.
If someone tries to log into your Facebook account from an unrecognized device or browser, we’ll send you an email alert. You can also choose to receive alerts by text message (SMS).
We may use your email or phone number you add for login alerts to:
  • Protect you and others on Facebook.
    • Email addresses and phone numbers can help us detect if someone is using an email or phone number in a way that goes against our Community Standards. For example, if someone uses a phone number that may be yours to make a fake account, we might be able to prevent or catch fraud.
  • Help you access Facebook and use opt-in programs.
    • We use your email and phone number to help you log into Facebook.
    • In some countries, if you choose to use programs Meta offers with mobile network operators, we’ll use phone numbers to help you participate in these programs.
  • Count how many people use Facebook.
We won’t use the phone number you added for login alerts for purposes such as suggesting friends or providing you with ads. Learn more about how login alerts work on Facebook.
Keep in mind, mobile phone numbers and emails added to other places on Facebook and Meta Company Products (example: Marketplace, your Facebook profile) may be used for other purposes including suggesting friends or providing ads.
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