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In order to add a security key to your account, you’ll first need to purchase your own third party Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) or FIDO2 security key.
Some types of keys can be used by inserting them into a USB or lightning port. Other types of keys can be used by holding them near your computer or mobile device. Before purchasing, make sure that your security key is compatible with the browser and the device that you use to log into your account. After you add a key to your account, you can then use that key to log in.
To add a security key on your desktop, you'll need to be using the latest version of Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. You’ll need to have a Bluetooth, USB, or NFC security key. You’ll need to ensure that your computer is compatible with your security key.
Add a security key
  1. Go to your Security and login settings.
  2. Scroll down to Use two-factor authentication and click Edit. You may be asked to re-enter your Facebook password at this point.
  3. Click Use security key.
  4. Insert your security key and then click Register security key.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not see the Register Security Key option, you may need to update your browser.
Once you’ve successfully added a security key to your account, you can start using it when you log in. Learn more about how to log in with your security key.
I'm having trouble registering my security key to my account
If you’re having trouble registering your security key to your account, try the following:
  • If you have a USB or lightning security key, make sure it’s plugged in correctly.
  • If your security key is touch activated, make sure to tap the sensor or button on your key when you want to activate it.
  • Move NFC keys slowly over your device near the sensor. The location of the NFC sensor depends on your device.
  • Charge Bluetooth keys regularly.
  • Check the manufacturer's instructions for your security key for additional help.
  • Try updating your browser or mobile app and make sure your key is compatible with the device and browser you’re logging in from.
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