How do I choose who can see stuff I add to sections of my About page on Facebook?

Your About page helps you share what you care about with others, such as movies or books you've added, stories from apps and games you use and things you've liked. If someone is in the audience of things you've added or the audience of stories shared by apps and games, they can see that stuff. You can edit the privacy of the individual stories in each section or you can choose to hide a section entirely.
To edit the privacy of:
  • Things you add: When you add something like a book or a movie, use the audience selector to choose who it's shared with. The selector remembers your choice, so new things you add (regardless of which section you’re adding things to) will have the same audience unless you change it. You can change the audience of something you've already added from your activity log.
  • Things you've liked: You can select an audience for each section of things you've liked (example: Pages, music, books). For example, to choose who can see the movies you've liked, scroll down to the movies section, click in the top right and then select Edit Privacy. To choose who can see what Pages you like, scroll down to your Likes section, then click in the top right and select Edit the Privacy of Your Likes.
  • Stories from apps and games: If you're sharing stories from an app or game, you can adjust the audience of future stories, or change the audience of a story you've already shared from your activity log.
Keep in mind that when you share something on your timeline, the audience you choose can also see it in other places on Facebook, such as in Feed and search.
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