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About the new Page experience on Facebook


The new Page experience is a way for you to manage your professional presence on Facebook. It can help you build your brand or business, grow your audience and connect with followers.

When you update your classic Page to the new Page experience, all Page content including posts, photos, videos, stories and Groups your page is an admin of will automatically move to your new Page. All of your Page likes and followers will also be transitioned to your new Page. If your Page has a blue verification check, it will transfer to your new Page.

What's new for Pages?

  • A redesigned Page layout that’s cleaner and more intuitive
  • Easy switching and navigation between a public-facing Page and an individual profile. Manage your Page and profile separately.
  • Seamless interactions with other public figures, brands and people via access to Feed: Follow other public figures, brands, and partners to create a Feed with topics that matter to you. Stay up to date and connect with people and content on your new Page Feed.
    • Your new Page Feed will be separate from your profile. You can follow different Pages and profiles to curate a unique experience for your Feed on the new Page. Anyone with full control will see this Feed.
  • Actionable insights and more relevant notifications
  • Updated Page Management tools: You can give others Facebook access or task access to manage the Page.

What features will I have access to with a new Page?

Anyone who was previously an admin on the Page will retain Facebook access after transitioning to the new Page experience. If you have Facebook access of a new Page, you will have access to the following:

  • Settings: Manage and edit all settings, such as Page info and deleting the Page.
  • Permissions: If you have Facebook access with full control, you can give Facebook access or task access to your new Page to help manage it.
  • Content: Create, manage or delete any content on the Page, such as posts, Stories and more.
  • Messages: Respond to direct messages as the Page in Inbox.
  • Community activity: Remove and respond to comments, remove unwanted comments and report activity on the Page.
  • Ads: Create, manage and delete ads on all platforms.
  • Insights: Use Page, post and ad insights to analyze the performance of the Page.
  • Instagram account linking: Link your new Page with your Instagram account to manage communication, cross-post and run ads across both platforms.
  • Monetization & advertising: Use tools to help monetize content you create. Create and manage ad campaigns using your new Page and Ads Manager.
  • Ability to manage the Page from all platform tools (including Meta Business Suite, Ads Manager, Creator Studio).
  • If you are granting task access to others, you can choose which features they can manage (e.g. Ads, Insights, Content).

Anyone who was not previously an admin or editor on the Page (such as moderator or advertiser) will have task access to the Page. If you have task access to the Page, you will not be able to switch into the new Page on Facebook. Instead, you can use other platforms from Facebook to manage the features you have access to. Learn more about task access.

Will I lose access to features or tools from my classic Page?

  • Page likes and followers: You’ll retain existing likes and followers on your new Page.
    • Like or follow counts will be displayed beneath the Page name on your new Page, depending on the action button. For example, creators with a “Like” action button will have their like count visible, with their follow count accessible in the professional dashboard. Those with a “Follow” action button will have their follow count displayed beneath the Page name. Learn more about likes and follows.
  • Classic Page roles, such as moderator and editors, will not be available at this time
  • Publishing tools, such as scheduled posts
    • You can schedule posts from Meta Business Suite or Creator Studio.
  • Business features, such as jobs, appointments, offers and Facebook Page Shop
  • Manage from mobile web browsers: You can manage the new Page from the Facebook mobile app, but not from mobile web browsers.
  • Locations management ( is not available for pages that are transitioned to the New Pages Experience.
  • Global pages structure isn't available yet for pages that are transitioned to the New Pages Experience.
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